Coronavirus Shutdowns – How They Are Affecting Students

As the coronavirus pandemic has hit the world, the global education scenario has been seriously affected. Major colleges and institutions have faced closure or have moved their respective curriculums online.

Around the world, major exams and competitive entrances have been postponed or cancelled for the year. In that scenario, there is also a great degree of uncertainty regarding what would happen next. Many students who are leaving school or college this year also face confusion.

More than that, they don’t know how the job market which has also been affected would behave. The situation overall seems very difficult. Let’s find out who the major groups are that will be seriously affected and what they can do in these times.

Coronavirus Shutdowns - How They Are Affecting Students

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The first group of students to be affected are those whose results have been delayed because either their exams didn’t happen at all or were called off midway.

Many also require these marks for their next step in the career ladder. These include marks for school or college leaving examinations. However, they are not the biggest losing group because of two reasons.

Firstly, the schools and colleges will certainly come up with a way to extrapolate marks based on the performances during the period for which the classes happened before the pandemic. Secondly, recruiters and employers will be cognizant of the changed context and pay heed to the issue.

The second group of people who are bigger losers right now are people who are a year away from their graduation from schools and colleges. They face a disruption in their education life when they require a great degree of educational build up in their profiles.

For them, it is advisable to do certain CV building activities during this time which can help them in their future struggles. Many work from home internships are available in this regard.

Coronavirus Shutdowns - How They Are Affecting Students

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Lastly, all students face some or the other deal of stoppage in education. Even as classes have shifted online. However, nothing can replace the holistic environment provided by a school or college.

Our best hope for renewed education is the going away of the pandemic. This would lead to the schools and colleges being restarted. The education can begin in full motion once that starts to happen unrestricted.

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