Coronavirus Struggle – How To Work From Home The Correct Way

The virus that originated from Wuhan, China has taken over the world. It has infected more than 200,000 people all over the world and claimed the lives of nearly 10,000. Moreover, it has brought the world to a halt. Schools, colleges, malls have all been shut down. Coronavirus has forced entire countries to go into lockdowns.

Schools and colleges are easy to shut down, as their examinations can be postponed. Offices, however, face difficulties in shutting down. This is why many offices are still fully functional. However, many companies have made the correct decision to make their employees work from home.

Work from home isn’t a new concept. Workers have been using this option for a long time now. However, it is usually a one-time thing. By the current state of the pandemic, this edition of work-from-home could last for months on end.

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So, how can workers ensure productivity at this difficult time?

Let’s find out.


The main reason why people lose out on productivity is the lack of a conducive environment at home. People around are watching TV, eating, chitchatting. If an office-like atmosphere is established, productivity can be increased.

Coronavirus Struggle - How To Work From Home The Correct Way


The typical image of someone working home is some on a video conference with their bosses, wearing a shirt and a tie. But the “ugly truth” the bosses don’t see is the shorts under the shirt, the packet of chips behind the laptop, dirty utensils on the table.

When the environment and working space is like that, there is no way that any work can be done.

Take a shower, get dressed, and sit in a specific area in the house. Make that area your workstation, and establish boundaries with your housemates.

With a dedicated workspace where you can concentrate, it becomes easier to unlock the benefits of remote work.


A major problem that work-from-home poses is that there’s no set time for logging on and off.

During regular office days, most people get up with an alarm, get ready, commute to the office, work for a set number of hours, commute back to their place of living. This repetitive schedule gets the body used to working properly.

However, work-from-lacks this schedule.

Thus, creating a schedule can increase productivity. An even better solution would be to adhere to your original schedule as much as possible.

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Instead of commuting, squeeze in a workout in the morning. At the end of the day, take a shower at the time you’d be commuting to let your body know that the day is over.

Coronavirus Struggle - How To Work From Home The Correct Way

Lastly, an important characteristic of working from an office is communication. This is often lacking in a work from home situation.


The most important factor is ensuring productivity is communication. In an office setting, bosses are constantly communicating with their subordinates to assign them work and ensuring that work is done efficiently.

However, work-from-home means that people have to work on their own. This can cause disparity or confusion in terms of what work is needed to be done, as well as when and how.

Thus, it is extremely important to constantly communicate. This can be done by establishing a conference call in the morning and at the end of the day.

This also helps workers to deal with the isolation they are facing. Moreover, this isolation can prove to be a big problem when coronavirus is causing everyone to stay inside their houses, 24×7.

Additionally, a pandemic like this also can be mentally taxing for individuals. Communication via calls can help them cope with the anxiety that shutdowns may bring about.

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