Coronavirus Update – 6 Indians Test Positive After Visiting Hair-Cutting Salon

There’s a reason why many of us are not going to the hair salon during the coronavirus pandemic. Even though it is something very crucial to our existence if not hygienic, it is one of the most probable sources of infection.

Hair cuts make it really difficult to observe all social distancing norms in a perfect manner. That’s why people are avoiding the barber in these times. An incident that has come from Madhya Pradesh, India will only increase these fears in the minds of people.

The barber’s salon has turned out to be the carrier of the Coronavirus. Let’s find out what happened.

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The Bargaon village in Madhya Pradesh’s Khargone district was terrified by the occurrence of six coronavirus positive cases. All of them had gone to the same hair cutting shop in the past few days.

Coronavirus Update - 6 Indians Test Positive After Visiting Hair-Cutting Salon

Their samples were tested positive after 10-12 people had been tested after developing symptoms.

“Subsequently, the samples of around 10-12 more men who went to the same hair-cutting salon the same day were sent for testing. Out of them, six persons from the same Bargaon village have tested positive. The entire village has been sealed and a survey is underway. The kin of the six positive cases have been home-quarantined and their samples are being sent for testing,” the CMHO informed.

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“It seems the same towel and instruments used during the haircut and shaving of the youth (who worked in Indore hotel and later tested positive for COVID-19) were used by the barber for the other customers, which infected six of them.”

This is surely enough for you to know why maintaining social distancing norms with no compromised is still very important. Flaunting the rules like these will help no one. It will only worsen the situation for you even further.

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