Coronavirus Update – America’s First Concert During The Pandemic

Coronavirus is a highly infectious virus. It is extremely easy for it to spread at a fast pace when exposed to a crowd. Thus, governments all across the world have banned large gatherings. Unfortunately, this put delivered a significant blow to the entertainment industry all over the world.

Concerts that had been planned, announced, and booked had to be canceled or postponed due to the pandemic. Stars like Harry Styles postponed their international tours to 2021, while others, like Niall Horan, canceled them altogether.

However, hope is not lost. Travis McCready organized the first concert in America in a long time.

For many, it was a picture of what concerts in the future will look like.

Coronavirus Update - America's First Concert During The Pandemic

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On Monday, McCready organized a concert in Fort Smith, Arkansas, in a former Masonic Temple.

Attendees had to wear masks and get their temperatures checked before entering the venue.

Moreover, only 20% of all 1,100 seats at the venue were on sale. They were also required to be purchased in clusters, or “fan pods” according to promoters. A group of friends who were comfortable being close to each other had seats near each other. Rows of empty seats on all sides of a cluster were used to separate groups from each other.

This sounds difficult and unlike concerts that we’re used to. However, some people think otherwise.

Lance Beaty, the president of the company that owns the venue, said –

“I think this means hope to a lot of people.”

Coronavirus Update - America's First Concert During The Pandemic
Temple Live, where the concert was held

He added –

“This is an experiment, though, on how does that work.”

“I’m one of the more paranoid ones out there, and when I saw everything this venue has done, I was ready to come. I think they’ve done an outstanding job,” said one of the attendees.

“For me it was worth it to have some normalcy,” said Daniel Neathery, who had to buy an entire fan pod (6 tickets) even though he came alone.

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