Coronavirus Update – Direct Sunlight Quickly Kills The Virus

The latest research concerning coronavirus might finally bring some cheers for a pretty broken world. US scientists are saying that coronavirus dies the fastest when it is exposed to direct sunlight.

This means that with the advent of the summer season, we have a chance of seeing the pandemic recede quickly. This is certainly some long-awaited good headline. The study cited for the comments has not yet been made public for external evaluation.

William Bryan, who is a science and technology advisor to the Department of Homeland Security told reporters at the White House on Thursday that Government scientists found the ultraviolet rays to have a damaging impact on the pathogen. This was done under controlled lab conditions. The effect of natural circumstances is yet to be seen completely.

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Coronavirus Update - Direct Sunlight Quickly Kills The Virus


This is what William Brian had to say –

“The virus dies quickest in the presence of direct sunlight.” 

“Our most striking observation to date is the powerful effect that solar light appears to have on killing the virus – both surfaces and in the air,” he added.

“We’ve seen a similar effect with both temperature and humidity as well, where increasing the temperature and humidity or both is generally less favourable to the virus.”

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Coronavirus Update - Direct Sunlight Quickly Kills The Virus

The sunlight has proven to have damaged the genetic material making capability of the virus. However, the fact that the virus was successful in areas with high temperature like Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand raises questions.

The World Health Organization has said that the heat has no effect on the Coronavirus. These conflicting statements will certainly come to the forefront in the coming weeks. It will be interesting to see the opinion that is closer to the truth in the future.

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