Coronavirus Update – Donald Trump Takes On New York Governor – America in Disarray

The United States of America had turned out to be the epicentre of coronavirus worldwide. The country, which is the third most populous in the world and the most developed, has been surprisingly crushed by the pandemic.

The death tally rose by a single-day record of 2228 to put the official number of deaths at a staggering 28300. This broke the previous single-day record of 2069 seen last Friday. Among this, the economy has also become a major concern with people posing jobs and businesses crippling.

Donald Trump, the US President who is seeking re-election this year has faced tremendous scrutiny because of the devastation. That’s why he’s trying his best to restart the economy latest by May 1. However, his seemingly premature decision is being openly defied by Democratic governors like Andrew Cuomo in New York.

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Coronavirus Update - Donald Trump Takes On New York Governor - America in Disarray


The United States currently has a total of over 600,000 reported cases. This is more than three times any other country. Amidst this, New York has suffered the most with over 10000 deaths.

That’s the reason why New York governor Andrew Cuomo had said he would refuse any order by the President that asks for reopening the economy.

“If he ordered me to reopen in a way that would endanger the public health of the people of my state, I wouldn’t do it,” Cuomo told CNN earlier on Tuesday, referring to Trump.

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Coronavirus Update - Donald Trump Takes On New York Governor - America in Disarray

Later at a news conference, Cuomo declared that Donald Trump was “spoiling for a fight”. He stated that this was not the time to play partisan politics on the issue when hundreds of Americans were losing their lives.

In turn, Donald Trump has termed the dissenting governors as mutineers against the state. The situation will only get grim in the coming days. Politicians quickly need to get their act together in order for the country to get any immediate relief.

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