Coronavirus Update – Expectant Mothers Choosing Home Birth Over Hospitals

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has forced people all over the world to change their ways of doing things. Whether it is studying, teaching, working, or just passing the time, people are being forced to choose options they wouldn’t otherwise.

It has changed the appearance of places globally. Places that were usually crowded to the extent that there was no space to walk are now empty. Huge supermarkets that had endless stocks of commodities have now run out of basic necessities.

But this pandemic has impacted hospitals the most. Hospitals all over the world are running out of basic equipment, and becoming increasingly crowded with patients.

All of this has made people reluctant to go to the hospital. Now, the same is happening with pregnant women.

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More and more pregnant women are now choosing to give birth at home instead of going to hospitals.

“They are likely to soon be crawling with disease, which is not the best place to bring your newborn with no immune system into the world,” said Erika McBee, a nurse from Rockville, Maryland.

Even though the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has said that hospitals and accredited birth centres are safe places for delivery, most mothers seem reluctant to go. Their response is justified. Even after following prescribed safety precautions, people are getting infected with the disease. Medical authorities have said that people with compromised immune systems face a higher threat from the virus. This means that babies not only face a bigger problem if they catch the virus, they also have higher chances of catching the virus.

Coronavirus Update - Expectant Mothers Choosing Home Birth Over Hospitals

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Various mothers are also choosing home birth because of a shortage of equipment in hospitals. Many countries are only admitting patients who are in critical condition. Moreover, many doctors are having to make a choice of who lives and who dies. They have to decide who gets the medical equipment.

Hence, mothers who have low-risk pregnancies are choosing to give birth at home with the help of midwives to keep hospital beds free for those who need them.


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