Coronavirus Update – How China Dealt With The Outbreak

China has successfully contained the effects of the deadly Coronavirus after a long drawn out fight. After the lethal onslaught of the disease in Wuhan, the Communist party expended all the resources at its expense to break the cycle of communication.

However, what needs to be seen is that the powerful Chinese state used its trademark repressive policies to contain the virus. On the ground, media outfits were banned from reporting. A national shutdown was effected and people’s movements were restricted.

Coronavirus Update - How China Dealt With The Outbreak

Silent admirers of surveillance began explaining how a strong state was so necessary for creating an effective response to such crises. However, are we really looking at a future state model that would curtail the rights of people?

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The USA and Europe have given a cold shoulder to the world in the face of the crisis. After being heavily hit by the deadly pandemic, leaders in these countries have adopted a distant approach from the poorer countries, ignoring their own massive privilege.

At this juncture, the governments of China and Cuba have come like the silent saviours. The Cuban government has sent its doctors around the world into poor countries to tackle the virus at first hand. Their exemplary efforts are already receiving worldwide acclaim.

However, heavy-duty work has been done by China. This includes supplying medical kits, the testing equipment and masks to set the events rolling. In addition to this, the international medical community is already appreciating the Chinese efforts in coming up with the sharpest research inputs. We shouldn’t be surprised if the vaccine originates in China.

If we come to think of it, after the crisis gets over, the poor African person will first look towards China as the country that came to their rescue. The question that begs itself is that will China use the opportunity to wash its hands of the blood of Uighur Muslims?

Coronavirus Update - How China Dealt With The Outbreak

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That’s an opportunity that the Chinese state will use to increase its repression. The greater danger also lies for the Western world. The authoritarian right-wing leaders see the opportunity to tell their people that surveillance laws are what is needed.

Conclusively, democracy faces grave danger. Sooner rather than later, democracy needs to formulate strong responses to deal with pandemics. Otherwise, we might be seeing the world order moving to darker places.

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