Coronavirus Update – How People Are Using Meditation To Cope

The effects of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic on public health are extremely visible. The healthcare systems of countries all over the world are shattering with the intense pressure of the virus. People all over the world are talking about the consequences of getting infected on the body. These include possible symptoms, recovery, death, et cetera. However, there is one consequence of the pandemic that no one is talking about – how it is affecting the mental health of people all over the world.

The unpredictability of the pandemic has led to a lot of anxiety for people. There are many people who are stuck in unsafe conditions, without having their loved ones around to support them.

Thus, many people are turning to meditation to help themselves.

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Coronavirus Update - How People Are Using Meditation To Cope


“In music, we have seen a surge in ‘chill’ playlists for calm inspiration from instrumental and acoustic tracks, as well as nature sounds and meditation playlists.”

According to Amarjit Singh Batra, people are trying to help calm themselves through music. Batra is the Managing Director of Spotify India.

There is no shortage of studies on the effects of yoga and meditation on the human body and mind.

“It helps give people a sense of purpose, hope, a positive mindset,” says Sameer Malhotra. Sameer is the Mental Health and Behavioural Science head at a hospital in Delhi, India.

However, it’s not just meditation that people are turning to. In order to deal with lockdowns and social distancing measures, even religion has found new ways to survive.

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Coronavirus Update - How People Are Using Meditation To Cope

Many religious institutions have gone online to provide their followers with the resources that they need to survive. These include Catholic masses on YouTube and Hindu aartis on video calls.

Vijayakumari Kallen, who attends Catholic masses on YouTube, said –

“I feel as if I’m inside the church. I feel closer to God. In those few moments, I forget about the pain this world is going through.”



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