Coronavirus Update – How Technology Can Help Fight The Virus

The next stage in the big coronavirus fight would be one if crucial importance for the United States of America. Social and economic activity would have to be resumed once the pandemic recedes.

More than that, it would require an approach based upon the best possible methods. This can only be arrived at after good governmental analysis. From the looks of it, the pandemic might not go away until the end of the year.

However, the American economy can’t afford a complete lockdown until that point. Already millions have lost their jobs in the country. Technology would be a big factor of help in the future.

Coronavirus Update - How Technology Can Help Fight The Virus

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The use of technology by the Asian countries can work as the perfect example for the USA. However, they have to make a perfectly balanced policy choice.

The current state of the pandemic can easily tempt governments to fall into the dark bog of surveillance once they become habitual to technology. China, which is already infamous for its strict surveillance, used the system to trace the digital footprints of citizens and separate the sick from the healthy and maintain strict social isolation while running the economy.

However, China was not the only culprit. South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore used technology to track down the infected patients and to alert the residents about potential hotspots. Serious privacy concerns were raised. This was because information as sensitive as credit card details was used to draw a perfect map.

Coronavirus Update - How Technology Can Help Fight The Virus

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The challenge to establish an efficient tracking system without compromising on the safety of Citizens will be a big challenge. Some changed are already visible. Google and Apple have recently announced that they have put aside their rivalry to collaborate on an app that would track the infections of infected patients, among those who choose to participate. The app uses a special system. This will allow it to access anonymous Bluetooth signals to alert users of infected patients around themselves.

The USA will benefit if more such systems are developed. Their economy has been heavily devastated. It seems like technology can be the way out for a citizenry devastated by the pain of the deadly Coronavirus.

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