Coronavirus Update – How The Healthcare Industry Is Suffering

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has had many ancillary effects which go beyond the immediate havoc caused by it. This is in the form of various shortage in other essential health services.

You may think why other health concerns are gaining primacy when we are dealing with the biggest pandemic humankind has seen in a long time. The reasons here are plenty. A large amount of human and material resources have been contributed to the pandemic.

This has led to an acute shortage of resources for other areas of concern. In some areas, these have led to more fatalities. Let’s find out more about this problem that is ravaging.

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Coronavirus Update - How The Healthcare Industry Is Suffering


Healthcare facilities and professionals are limited in number throughout the world. In these times, they are being diverted to take care of Coronavirus patients and stop infections.

This has led to even the necessary procedures like dialysis and chemotherapy being halted. Many people are suffering as a result. However, another huge problem going under the radar relates to reproductive health.

Developing countries have seen a shocking lapse in the maternal care facilities provided to women. Many times, women have had to face failed deliveries due to the problem. Ambulance transportation is severely restricted.

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Coronavirus Update - How The Healthcare Industry Is Suffering

This has led to the movement of doctors and patients being hampered. Important services like contraception are going beyond the reach of lower-income households. Countries like India suffering from a huge population overall are facing the brunt.

As reproductive services lay in shambles, people are taking things in their own hands. Unsafe medicines and abortions are taking over the conversation. This quickly needs to be fixed if health services have to be cured.

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