Coronavirus Update – How The Pandemic Is Exposing America’s Racial Caste Reality

The coronavirus pandemic has done a great job at exposing the racial caste system in the USA. Even after 66 years of the Brown judgment which aimed at providing equal accessibility to African Americans in all spheres, they continue to suffer more at the hands of the pandemic.

The reason is simple. White supremacy is more entrenched in the USA than just what appears on the outside. Even if you legally prescribe that that Black Americans deserve equality, it’s the attitudes that need to be changed. However, severely racial attitudes still exist in the majority of the White American public.

Some examples have been seen in the last few weeks with two Black Americans murders. The pandemic has also hit Black Americans disproportionately with 20000 Black Americans dying of the virus which is 2.5 times more than the White Americans. Let’s find out the reasons.

Coronavirus Update - How The Pandemic Is Exposing America's Racial Caste Reality

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There are multiple reasons for this. Firstly, racial segregation is still a reality in the USA. Even after years of reform, White neighborhoods refuse to let Black residents come in.

This means that they are usually isolated in ill-maintained ghettos. Additionally, they also have less access to healthcare facilities. Whenever a health emergency occurs, they are obviously more vulnerable to it.

Coronavirus Update - How The Pandemic Is Exposing America's Racial Caste Reality

In addition, they are employed more in essential services due to their financial backwardness. This further exposes them to the coronavirus. The government on the other hand has used racial stereotypes to find the reasons.

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Without naming the community, it has said that dietary choices like more consumption of alcohol have lead to more deaths. This further pushes away accountability. If reasonable measured are needed then this needs to be thought of properly without shifting the blame to an already marginalized community

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