Coronavirus Update – How The Pandemic Might Have Changed Celebrity Culture Forever

The coronavirus pandemic has had a profound impact on the way celebrity culture functions. For years, we have made media content and the celebrities they feature as an indispensable part of our lives.

Living in a capitalist society, people were largely functional in individual spaces. This meant a low level of social interaction and lack of friendship. We consume celebrity culture to take our minds of the daily hazards of life in the modern arduous world.

That’s why we form para-social relationships with celebrities which are one-sided, us expending a lot of emotional energy and love while they not even knowing of our existence. We need celebrities to fill the emotional void in our lives. However, with content dying out because of COVID-19, we might see a change that outlasts.

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Coronavirus Update - How The Pandemic Might Have Changed Celebrity Culture Forever


Celebrity culture is very essential to capitalism. It helps in furthering its biggest principle central to its existence.

This is the lie of meritocracy. We want to believe that everyone can achieve everything only if they work hard enough. Celebrities are like the living examples of that “triumphant individualism”.

For that very reason, they are very essential for today’s society. No matter what happens, content should not stop going. The show must go on as the masses need to be continuously entertained.

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Coronavirus Update - How The Pandemic Might Have Changed Celebrity Culture Forever

For that reason, celebrities have found a way to keep themselves relevant through the COVID-19 crisis. Daytime talk show hosts like Ellen DeGeneres have continued with scaled-down virtual versions. Similarly, late-night hosts like Conan O’Brien are using iPhone and Skype to keep giving out content. Biggest daily talk show host Jimmy Fallon is creating 10-minute “At Home” segments for NBC’s Tonight.

Celebrity culture will continue to thrive regardless of the effects of the coronavirus because it simply has to for survival.

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