Coronavirus Update – How To Report A Business For Breaking Safety Protocol

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has taken over the world. It has forced countries to stop their regular functioning and direct all their resources to fight the pandemic. “Normal” life all has taken a drastic turn, no matter where you are.

Schools, colleges, offices, shops have all been forced to shut down. Students are being taught online, employees are being told to work from home, and offices that can’t shut down are being made to follow strict protocols.

However, there are always people who refuse to follow rules. In most situations, this rule-breaking has short-lived consequences. However, in the case of this pandemic, breaking rules can have disastrous consequences.

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Coronavirus Update - How To Report A Business For Breaking Safety Protocol

Hence, if you see organizations not following safety protocols, you can report them.


If you want to report an organization that you believe is not following proper safety protocols, you can file an online complaint with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA.

You can choose the “use the online complaint form” on OSHA’s website.

The form asks for details like the establishment’s name, a description of the hazard, et cetera.

Coronavirus Update - How To Report A Business For Breaking Safety Protocol

The “description of the hazard” can include the employees not maintaining a distance, surfaces not being disinfected, offices being crowded, et cetera.

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If you’re in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, you can get in touch with the COVID-19 Call Center at  715-831-7425.

“We count on their employers understanding that if they have sick employees that it’s not going to help anybody. It won’t help their business and it certainly won’t help their community. If a conversation with the employer is not working, we encourage people to call the COVID-19 line and we will respond to that,” said Lieske Giese.

Giese is the director of the Eau Claire City-County Health Department.


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