Coronavirus Update – Hydroxychloroquine Not Appropriate Solution

At the centre of the world Coronavirus response, an anti-malarial drug called Hydroxychloroquine finds itself in the spotlight. The emergence of a vaccine still looks to be distant and the world is scrambling for a makeshift measure till that point.

However, all of a sudden, Hydroxychloroquine is being touted as a potential response to the disease. Its biggest proponent has been none other than the US President Donald Trump who has vouched for it to be heavily implemented. This is despite the fact that medicine still remains clinically unproven.

Not just that, the drug can have devastating consequences for a certain section of patients. It is interesting to know then about this interest shown by the President. Let’s know more about this much-discussed drug.

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Coronavirus Update - Hydroxychloroquine Not Appropriate Solution



The drug is one of the oldest and well-known anti-malarial drugs. It can be bought over the counter and is fairly inexpensive.

The reason for its popularity was a scattered group of tests that led many to believe that it’s an effective fighter against COVID-19. It was shown to reduce the time for clinical recovery of patients. However, many of these tests were small lab-controlled trials and no proper human trials were done to adjudicate the accuracy of its effectiveness in the bodies of human beings.

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Hydroxychloroquine is actually and interferon blocker and works by diminishing the response of the immune system to viral infection. A hyperactive response by the immune system is one of the primary triggers of pneumonia which is a fallout of a severe SARS-CoV-2 infection.

However, there are several complications that can also arise. These dosages are linked to instances of cardiac arrhythmia and also liver damage. Its property of toning down the immune system response might actually handicap the body’s response when needed.

There is a requirement that world leaders pay more heed to what the experts are saying. Otherwise, we might face an even bigger crisis. Leaders like Trump are using Hydroxychloroquine as an escape route.

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