Coronavirus Update – Indian Woman Tries To Pass Off Husband’s Murder As Virus-Related Death

The stream of bad news coming from the coronavirus pandemic hasn’t stopped coming. However, along with a wave of outright absurd news has also been coming.

The latest in that line comes from the national capital of Delhi from India. It is something which you really won’t accept. Even though Coronavirus is a large part of death, it didn’t actually happen as a result of the disease.

You might be wondering how that’s possible. Well, criminals have successfully used the coronavirus pandemic as a foolproof cover for their misdeeds. Let’s find out some more details about what happened in India.

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Coronavirus Update - Indian Woman Tries To Pass Off Husband's Murder As Virus-Related Death

The shocking news which comes from the Ashok Vihar area of Northeast Delhi details how a woman allegedly killed her husband. However, she tried to pass off the murder as a death caused due to the Coronavirus.

The locals weren’t able to buy the story and informed the police. This promoted the police to stop the cremation of the dead husband. They decided to conduct an autopsy of the dead body.

The report revealed shocking details. The woman had actually conspired with her lover to kill her husband who was a small shopkeeper. The man had been smothered to death and has been identified as Ashok Dass.

It was revealed that the woman woke up in the morning and said that she found her husband dead. She tried to pass it off as a Coronavirus death when she informed the locals. That’s where her story was suspected and the police alerted towards the crime scene leading to the big revelation.

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