Coronavirus Update – McDonald’s UK Donates Food To Those In Need

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has affected lives all around the globe. It has forced people to lock themselves inside their own houses. The pandemic has forced governments all over the world to shut down schools, colleges, clubs, restaurants, and offices. However, frontline health workers are one of the groups facing the brunt of the pandemic. They have been forced to put their lives at risk and fight the battle head-on.

The sudden closure of clubs and restaurants means that a lot of food is going to waste.

However, McDonald’s came up with a wonderful solution.

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Coronavirus Update - McDonald's UK Donates Food To Those In Need


McDonald’s UK has partnered up with charities like FareShare to donate food to those in need.

So far, the fast-food chain has donated 300 tonnes of food and drinks to food banks and distribution centres in more than 1,900 towns and cities. Their donations have helped more than 9,500 community groups across the UK & Ireland.

“Whilst restaurants remain closed, McDonald’s continues to donate food to key workers and vulnerable people through foodbanks and charities including FareShare, Company Shop and Food Drop,” the chain said in a statement.

The company has used its partnership with the Company Shop to offer goods to key workers on the frontline with fresh produce.

Coronavirus Update - McDonald's UK Donates Food To Those In Need

The organization has also partnered up the National Autistic Society to help more than 450 families with packaging.

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“For families who have a child with severe special needs, dinnertime can be extremely difficult,” the statement read.

“For many children, the familiarity of the Happy Meal box is an important part of their routine.”

So far, the fast-food chain has donated everyday items like eggs, bacon, bread, lettuce, onions, carrots, tomatoes, as well as 100,000 litres of milk and 34,000 litres of orange juice.


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