Coronavirus Update – Number Of Recovered Cases Crosses 1 Million

The world has been dealing with an unprecedented pandemic for more than a month now. Every day, people are informed of the bad things that are happening because of coronavirus. Public figures contracting the virus, the ever-increasing death toll, and more recently the mental health crisis that led to a health worker dying by suicide.

However, there is one piece of good news that can uplift people’s spirit.


There are various organizations keeping track of the spread of the COVID-19 virus. They track the number of confirmed cases, recovered cases, deaths, active cases of all countries and the world.

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Coronavirus Update - The Gendered Impacts Of The Virus

Two of these trackers – Worldometer and Johns Hopkins University – have recorded a pleasing statistic.

The number of people who have recovered from the virus has crossed the 1 million mark.

As of Friday morning, the number stood at 1,048,430 according to Worldometer and at 1,1015,183 according to Johns Hopkins University.

However, this does not mean that the fight against the coronavirus is over.

On April 27th, the number of confirmed cases of the virus exceeded 3 million. Currently, the number of confirmed cases is nearly 3.3 million. This means that more than 2 million people are either still suffering from the virus or have died because of it.

Moreover, the death toll from the virus has reached 234,000.

Currently, 5 countries with the highest number of confirmed cases are the USA, Spain, Italy, the UK, and France, in that order.

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Coronavirus Update - The Gendered Impacts Of The Virus

America has more than 1 million confirmed cases, accounting for almost one-third of the total confirmed cases in the world. Nearly 65,000 people in the country have died due to the virus.

In Spain, the number of confirmed cases is 243,000 while the death toll is nearly 25,000.

Italy has reported 207,000 cases with 28,000 deaths.

The Uk and France have 177,000 and 167,000 confirmed cases respectively. While the UK’s death toll stands at 27,000, that of France has crossed 24,000.


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