Coronavirus Update – Pandemic Being Used To Suppress Abortion Rights

Women around the world have been suffering tremendously with the onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic. This is because many of them are working front line as health professionals and also as housewives.

However, even after their tremendous contributions, they are being subjected to abysmal treatment. Around the world, their rights have been under attack by ultra-conservative groups. Anti-abortion lobbies have found the best time to execute their agenda in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic

This fight has been most pronounced in Europe and USA where these people have already started with their divisive rhetoric. COVID-19 is their latest weapon. Let’s find out how they have been going about.

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Coronavirus Update - Pandemic Being Used To Supress Abortion Rights


March saw the first major turnaround with a potentially liberating abortion bill has been halted. Its review has been indefinitely postponed along with many other Democratic debates.

The US, where abortion has always been a contentious issue, has seen the conservative states of Texas and Indiana banning most of the abortions during the pandemic. This has been done by classifying them as non-essential, by arguing that the doctors should rather be focusing on alleviating the COVID-19 pandemic as of now.

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Coronavirus Update - Pandemic Being Used To Supress Abortion Rights

Meanwhile, in Poland, a bill has been passed to further restrict the right to abortion. While it was met with mass protests when it first happened in 2016, gatherings have been banned in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ultra-conservative groups are celebrating the closure of clinics in these desperate times. This is just a signifier of the vile intentions of those who claim religion as their motivation. Their evil is slowly being exposed. As more and more women fight, things should return to normal after the pandemic ends. The fight for abortion has come way too far for it to be abandoned at this critical juncture.

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