Coronavirus Update – Pope Francis Prays For Women Facing Violence

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has forced almost everyone on the planet to restrict themselves to their houses. Schools, colleges, and offices have been shut down. People are being made to study and/or work online, from within their houses. Moreover, people have been advised and ordered to not leave their houses, unless they are essential workers, or for essential purposes.

For many people, this has proved to be a chance for them to spend time with their families. However, it has translated into being trapped with their abusers for many others.

Many organizations have reported an increase in cases of domestic violence during lockdowns.

Now, Pope Francis has spoken up about it.

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Coronavirus Update - Pope Francis Prays For Women Facing Violence


Pope Francis talked about multiple things concerning women during the ongoing pandemic.

The pandemic has proved to increase the burden on women, whether they work inside their houses or outside. Women working inside their houses have to put in more work because of entire families being inside the house all day long. Schools, colleges, and offices are closed, which means that people who would be out for the majority of the day are now at home. Moreover, frontline health workers, which are playing the most important role in fighting the virus, are mostly women. Nearly 89% of nurses and 84% of care workers are women.

The Pope talked about the efforts that these women are putting in.

“Today, I want to remember with you how much many women do — including in this time of a health emergency — to care for others: women doctors, nurses, law enforcement and prison officers, clerks in stores selling basic necessities and all the moms, sisters and grandmothers who find themselves closed in their homes with the whole family, with children, the elderly, those with disabilities.”

Furthermore, he talked about women who have to face violence during this pandemic, and have no way out.

Coronavirus Update - Pope Francis Prays For Women Facing Violence

“Sometimes, they risk being subjected to violence because of a living situation in which they bear too great a burden. We pray for them that the Lord would give them strength and that our communities would support them together with their families.”

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He added –

“May the Lord give us the courage of women to always go forward.”

He also expressed his affection for countries that have been severely affected by the virus.

“Italy, the United States, Spain, France — the list is long. I pray for all of them.”

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