Coronavirus Update – Trump Calls Highest Number Of Cases In The World “Badge Of Honour”

The coronavirus pandemic is ravaging across the world. Each day, the number of confirmed cases of the virus around the world rises. Subsequently, so does the number of deaths. More than 333,000 thousand people have lost their lives to the virus. However, this hasn’t stopped people from politicizing the pandemic.

The United States of America currently has the highest number of cases in the world. America has reported more than 1.61 million cases of coronavirus, nearly 30% of the total number of cases reported worldwide.

To most people, this is a sad fact, to say the least.

However, the American president has an “optimistic” way of looking at it.

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Donald Trump has, time and again, tried to use the coronavirus pandemic to gain political points. He has tried to pass on the blame to other parties, claimed that the USA is successfully fighting the virus, etc.

Talking about having the highest number of cases in the world, he said –

“I look at that as, in a certain respect, as being a good thing because it means our testing is much better.”

He added –

“You know when you say that we lead in cases, that’s because we have more testing than anybody else.”

“So I view it as a badge of honor. Really, it’s a badge of honor.”

“It’s a great tribute to the testing and all of the work that a lot of professionals have done,” the President said.

Coronavirus Update – Donald Trump Eager To Reopen Country As Deaths Cross 90k

Trump’s comments received criticism from the Democratic National Committee. They said that the state of coronavirus in the country has represented “a complete failure of leadership.”

At the White House Cabinet meeting, which was the first once since the outbreak started, he also discussed travel bans.

When asked about travel bans regarding Latin America and Brazil, he said –

“We are considering it.”

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