Coronavirus Update – Where Is America Heading?

The United States is slowly reaching the most dangerous stage of its coronavirus outbreak. We are most likely to see an acceleration in cases and deaths.

USA Today conducted a data analysis that shows that America is tending towards an Italy like condition. This is worrisome as the country is in dire conditions. In that circumstance, US officials are urging the public to heed the official guidelines.

The early trends show a combination of factors that can curtail the COVID-19 virus – easy access to testing, rigorous contact tracing, clear and consistent science-based messaging, and a commitment to studiously abide by the officially announced quarantines.

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Coronavirus Update - Where Is America Heading?
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Countries in Asia like Taiwan, China, Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan seem to making an improvement. However, comparisons with the US are not feasible due to obvious differences in size, population and geography.

American officials are closely examining the Italian case. The authorities there have had to make the tough decision of determining who can live and who can die. This is because of a severe lack of ventilators and intensive care facilities to accommodate the growing number of cases in the country.

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The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention’s worst-case scenario shows that about 160 million to 210 million Americans could be infected by December. If that happens, around 21 million people would need hospitalization and 200,000 to 1.7 million could be dead by the end of the year.

Coronavirus Deaths Piling Up, Still Not A Pandemic

“The extent to which we can prevent direct and excess deaths depends on how quickly we can flatten the outbreak, mobilize health services, and for how long we can prevent a relapse,” said Robert Muggah, founder and director of the Brazil-based security think tank Igarape Institute and a leading expert on risk, who studies pandemics.

Estimates say that the US might be just one or two weeks behind Italy. The country has seen a total lockdown with only supermarkets and drug stores opened. In addition, it has had 31500 cases and 2500 deaths.

The US might need drastic measures to flatten the curve which might include a complete lockdown. Till this point, 115 people have died amid more than 7300 confirmed cases.

It us important than citizens coordinate with the government.

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