Coronavirus Update – Women Leaders Who Fought The Virus Head-On

The coronavirus pandemic has completely devastated the world and necessitated quick responses from world leaders. While this is a testing time for state leaders, this is also a time where leaders have seen soaring approval ratings.

At the heart of good coronavirus responses have been a group of female leaders who are changing the world. The world leaders have been accused of taking the threat lightly and reacting too late. However, these female leaders acted quick and backed their actions by great follow up actions.

They certainly present a good example for us in these times. All of us need to see a good precedent of how to perfectly run a country during a pandemic. Let’s find out who these women leaders are.

Coronavirus Update - Women Leaders Who Fought The Virus Head-On
Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen

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These women leaders are Tsai Ing-Wen, the President of Taiwan, Angela Merkel, the chancellor of Germany and Jacinda Aldern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

Talking about Taiwan, the country is constantly in controversy with the Chinese claiming that Taiwan is their territory. That’s why the country is also shunned by the World Health Organization (WHO). It might have seemed like Taiwan will be crushed by the pandemic.

However, quick action by President Tsai Ing-Wen ensured that the country was battle-ready. When she heard of a new virus infecting Wuhan in December last year, she immediately ordered that all planes from Wuhan should be thoroughly inspected.

Coronavirus Update - Women Leaders Who Fought The Virus Head-On
German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Later, she set up an epidemic command center, quickened the production of personal protective equipment and restricted all flights from China. Today, Taiwan has just 393 reported cases with only six deaths and is exporting face masks to the world. The US State Department hailed the Taiwanese response as one of the best in the world and vouched for it be given observer status in Who’s World Health Assembly.

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Germany also had to deal with a tough situation with respect to the pandemic due to a devastated Europe. However, chancellor Angela Merkel who has a doctorate in quantum chemistry has seen her approval ratings soar in these times. Even though Germany has over 132,000 cases, it has very low number of deaths per million. Germany has the most intensive care beds and the largest scale Coronavirus testing programme in Europe.

Coronavirus Update - Women Leaders Who Fought The Virus Head-On
New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Aldern

Prime Minister Jacinda Aldern has been equally impressive in New Zealand with her approval rating soaring to new heights. Even though New Zealand is a country sustained by tourism, she announced a four-week lockdown on March 23 while she had already sealed the borders to foreign visitors as early as March 19.

In addition, the country carried out widespread testing and recorded only over 1300 cases. There is certainly a great deal to be learnt. Female leaders have showed the world how it should be fighting with the serious and dangerous Coronavirus pandemic.

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