Coronavirus wreaks havoc on international tourism and markets

Countries with major Chinese tourists face huge losses after corona virus breakdown. Most February evening it’s a challenge to push ourselves through the crowd, but now we barely see any crowd or tourists in Bangkok.
The best selling products instead of luxurious or famous to that place have now been replaced by face masks.

This happened after China stopped all outbound tour groups from leaving the country in a bid to halt the spread of coronavirus and encouraged citizens to reconsider travelling abroad.

International airlines have suspended thousands of trips to and from mainland China.

Visitor numbers have drastically dropped with hotel bookings and guided tours cancelled.
On the resort island of Phuket, the professional guide association warned last week that 3,000 Chinese-speaking tour guides are out of work and need financial support.

Last year, 11 million Chinese people visited Thailand. But, this years the number is expected to fall by 2 million.

It has caused anxiety among shop keepers and stall owners. Their profit margin is expected to fall by 70% and this is resulting in cutting down wages of workers or firing them from job.

Resort managers of island in phuket are also out of work and in need of financial assistance.

The impact of the outbreak on the global tourism is still unknown, but it’s expected that Thailand, Japan and other nearby destinations will be among those hardest hit. Officials warn that an outbreak in one of Thailand’s tourist hotspots is possible.

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