Correct sitting posture for Yoga and Pranayama

Yoga is an ancient way of living which has innumerable health benefits and thus practiced with the same enthusiasm even today.

Many people practice yoga regularly but incorrectly. The very initial thing we need to be sure of is that we are doing it in the right posture. Because, if the sitting posture is incorrect, it can spoil things instead of giving benefit.

What is the correct sitting posture?
For yoga, one is required to sit in Sukhasana or the easy pose. It is a pose in which one sits with ease or comfortably.

For this, sit with your legs criss-rossed. Ensure that your back is straight. Your shoulder should be behind your ears and face should be directed towards ceiling. Your hands should be either straight on knees or lying on thighs, with your thumb and index finger forming a round shape.

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Whenever breathing in or inhaling, you should feel that your backbone is expanding and when exhaling, it should feel like contracting or becoming small.

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