Couples can make the best out of quarantine period amid Corona

The Coronavirus outbreak has lead to closure of many offices, industries and local market in an attempt to avoid social contact and remain at home.

For some couples it may be a blessing to remain quarantined together in their home. But it may also be problematic for some. Those who lack spending time due to job timings , it is a good opportunity for them to spend quality time together. While, the couple’s with ongoing conflicts or emotional disturbances may not find it suitable to spend time with each other and may end up with misunderstandings.

According to a recent report, the divorse rate has inclined in China rapidly ever since the corona virus outbreak. It shows the incompatibility of the couples when they spent more time with each other.

But here’s how you can make the best out of it and improve your relationship with your partner:

1- Plan out for a movie night or spend time watching your favourite show. Ensure that hour parther likes it too.
2- Discuss memories you two made together ever since you united.
3- Play a game you used to, years back and replenish those days.
4- Learn a new skill such as photo editing and help each other.
5- Do something you like such as cooking.
6- Don’t over burden your partner, divide work equally.
7- Avoid talking over complicated issues.
8- Do not criticize your spouse for every small mistake, instead appreciate them.
9- Take care of your health, do zumba or yoga together.
10- Go for a walk outside your home, but ensure you don’t come in contact with people.

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