Covid-19: Is it just our health and economy which are at stake?

The impact of covid-19 is way beyond health and economic sufferings. The pandemic has proved to be a disaster in a number of ways.
Mental health and relationship gaps have been yet other major, but ignored concerns.

Owing to lockdown, people have been in isolation from one another. It is just the four walls and members of the house within which our lives have started to revolve. The emotional well being is at stake like never before.

Children aren’t able to play, elders aren’t able to meet their friends, acquaintances or go out for a relaxing weekend. It has been affecting the mental health, and pulling more people into depression.

Women, on the other hand are even the major sufferers. A number of women who have been living with husbands, have been facing domestic abuse, violence and toxicity like never before. The economic sufferings too, have been a major factor. It has been seen that the divorse rate have drastically gone up in different parts of the world, majorly China.

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While the governments have started easing lockdown to support the economy and of course individuals’ income, the focus should also be on improving the mental well-being of the people, by letting them meet their friends and family members. Of course, it comes at a price, but may be lesser than that of social isolation.

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