Covid Toes: A new symptom in covid-19 kids

The Coronavirus pandemic has raised alarms across the world. With increasing asymptomatic cases of covid-19, the anxiety is increasing among people. And now, according to experts a new symptom is commonly observed in affected kids. Earlier, not many positive kids were showing common symptoms. And those who were, showed loss of taste and smell and pink eyes, but now it’s similar to that of frostbite.

‘Frostbite is a condition which affects people living in harsh or extreme climates and can lead to spasms and contraction of blood vessels.’The new symptom nicknamed as ‘Covid Toes’  leads to inflammation of toes, some discolouration in and around the affected parts.

In some parts of Italy and Europe and America parents and doctors are witnessing that kids with this ‘covid toes’ symptom are tested positive for covid-19.

Soon after the discovery was made in parts of Italy and other affected parts of Europe, many parents and doctors are now witnessing the same symptom in parts of America, where there is a sharp rise in cases. Kids showing the same symptoms are being administered with tests for coronavirus infection.

Research is still underway to determine other potential symptoms which might have been unknown to us by now.

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

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