Cysteine hair treatment pros and cons: Pros and Cons

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What is Cysteine Hair treatment?

Cysteine hair treatment uses the cysteine complex which is a non-essential amino acid naturally occurring in Keratin to straighten, strengthen, and smoothen hair. It adds shine to dull hair and protects from further damage. This treatment is known for getting rid of the excessive frizz and dryness.

How is it done?

The process is done in four steps, these are:

  1. Preparation

The first step requires washing hair and blow drying it. This is the most important step in the process as when hair is clean, it enables better penetration and thus better results.

  1. Application

This step involves application of the solution on hair. For that, you  need to divide your hair into smaller sections or segments and apply the cysteine complex, covering all strands. Ensure that you apply it only to the hair and not roots as it may lead to excessive hair fall. Keep your hair wrapped with a sheet and let it stay for 45 minutes.

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  1. Bring the heat

Expose cysteine complex to heat, as it will activate it. Then you need to get your hair flat ironed to give it a sleek look.

  1. Step 4. Rinse again

Lastly, when it is done, get your hair shampooed and conditioned with special shampoo for treated hair and you’ll see smooth, shiny, silky and straight hair.

There are many pros of this treatment in comparison to others, let us have a look at these:


  1. The treatment is gentle and not harsh, thus giving a more natural hair texture.
  2. It doesn’t change the natural hair texture.
  3. The new hair growth isn’t curly or wavy.
  4. The process is safe for pregnant women too as it doesn’t use toxic chemicals.
  5. It doesn’t use formaldehyde or its substitutes, which are commonly found in other procedures.

Everything has negatives too but it is fewer in case of this treatment.


  1. The process is expensive and so it requires more maintenance in terms of products and spas.
  2. The process isn’t permanent but temporary and lasts only for 4-5 months.

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