Dark Theme on YouTube without rooting or APK

In the month of March, YouTube had announced about its new Dark Theme which would be available for all the smartphones. But unfortunately (for the android users), this was available just for the iOS devices.

This dark theme is basically like the Night Mode on your phones. The colors in the entire app will be muted to grayish black. As a result, this doesn’t harm your eyes much while looking at it in the dark. Also, it looks way cooler than the original, hence one might just like to put it up just like that.

But it’s quite odd that this feature isn’t released on Android phones as of yet, since Google owns YouTube. Nevertheless, here is an interesting way to use this Dark Theme feature on your android phones without rooting your device or by using an APK.

What do you require?

The process of getting a dark theme without rooting or APK, is through ADB, i.e. Android Debug Bridge. This was found out by the developers at XDA who modified the youtube.xml preferences file located in /data/data/com.google.android.youtube.

Make sure to do the following before going on with the process of installing the dark theme file –

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How to install the YouTube Dark Theme file –

Step 1) Connect your phone to your laptop or desktop.

Step 2) Go to the folder where the file has been extracted. Hold the SHIFT key and right click on an empty space inside the folder.

Step 3) Tap on ‘Open Command Window here’.

Step 4) Verify the ADB connection by using the following command:

adb devices

Step 5) The command should return a device ID. If it doesn’t then make sure to install Android USB drivers on the PC properly.

Step 6) Enter the following command to enable YouTube Dark Mode on Android:

adb restore YouTubeDarkTheme_XDA.ab

Step 7) If you’re using Terminal on macOS or Linux, then use the following:

./adb restore YouTubeDarkTheme_XDA.ab

Step 8) As soon as the command is executed, you shall see a “Full restoration” prompt on the device screen, asking for a password.

Note: Pressing “Restore My Data” will not wipe or replace any of your phone’s data (except YouTube’s settings, which is our goal here), so don’t worry.

Now, the dark theme will be available on the YouTube app. Just launch the application on your android phone.

Hence, you may now enjoy this feature at least until YouTube decides to officially launch it to the Android phones.

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