Google has taken another huge step forward with the use of artificial intelligence. This summer users will see new upgrades in Google. Google I/O made its announcement in California talking about new developments in Android, Google Assistant, Google Maps, Google Photos, and many more. The main key points to be noted as on Day 1 were:

  1. Upgrade in Google Assistant: The new upgrade in Google assistant will allow the users to make a natural conversation. With the new feature, “Continued Conversations”, the users do not have to say “Hello Google” every single time.
  2. Android new version: A new version of Android, called Android P is being launched which will give the users control to limit their screen time and information on how to use the phone. Another feature in Android P is the Shush feature, which if turned on activates the “Do not Disturb” mode if the phone is put on the table with the screen facing downwards towards the table.
  3. Upgrade in Google Maps: The upgrade has been done to provide better recommendations to the users of local places. It will be combined with the camera and computer vision technology to give street views and will give a far better view than just the maps. It will allow the users to get directions in the camera.
  4. Google Photos Upgrade: The new upgrade in Google photos will allow its users to use the editing to make stylish photos, creates collage and also for color correction. This feature can also convert photos of documents easily to pdf format. Another feature called “Suggested Actions” identifies people present in the photos and can share the photos to those people in a single click.
  5. Google Lens Update: The new feature in Google lens uses artificial intelligence and object recognition to identify objects present around. If the user places the camera on any object, Google lens will identify it. This feature even comes handy in selecting outfits and furniture.

Google is striking with these new features that are going to be launched by this summer.

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