DAY 1 OF WWDC 2018 – All the excitement

The wait is finally over!
Day 1 of Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference 2018 (WWDC 2018) started off with the keynote address as we expected. Tim Cook hushed all the speculations related to any hardware updates. He mentioned right at the beginning that this year, Apple would be just about software!

So let’s find out which of the speculations were true and which of them went unnoticed by Apple.
Here’s the entire day’s highlight and the discussions related to each update.

iOS 12:-

  • It would be faster in terms of app launch, keyboard display and camera launch.
  • It would have 2 times faster load time compared to iOS 11.
  • Adobe’s CTO, Abhay Parasnis, took over to speak about the Augmented Reality features of iOS 12.
  • With the new ARcore along with iOS, you could now edit your Augmented Reality world.
  • It has a new called ‘Measure’ which would help measure dimensions through just your iPhone cameras.
  • As mentioned in previous post, Apple gives a Multi-user Augmented Reality experience where the AR world could be shared using ARkit 2.
  • ARkit 2 would have the following features – 3D object detection, improved face tracking system, realistic rendering, and persistent as well as shared experiences.
  • It would have a ‘For You’ tab which would help in photo editing as well as suggest editing and sharing options.

Siri Upgrade:-

  • Google might be able to find your mobile phone but Siri would be able to find your keys.
  • Siri would also suggest stuffs which it learnt about you just like a normal relationship.
  • It would have a new ‘Shortcut’ app which would help command according to your requirements.
  • The shortcuts could be combined with other devices like Tile.

Apple News App:-

  • Apple has introduced its News app especially to iPads.
  • It provides a slide-bar for iPads.
  • It’s integrated with ‘Stocks’.

Screen Time and Notifications:-

  • Apple has an improved Do-Not-Disturb feature which avoids interaction of device at night time.
  • Notifications of the same apps could now be grouped into a single notification.
  • Notifications could also be customised directly from the lock-screen.
  • You could also control the screen time or the usage of your device.
  • Apple also provides a better parental control now.


  • Apple has introduced Snapchat-similar features like tongue detection.
  • It now has ‘Memoji’ with which you can create your own animojis which can be used even during video calls.
  • Group face time can now have 32 users simultaneously.

WatchOS 5:

  • Tim shows that Apple watches are considered as No. 1 in customer satisfaction and how it saved a life.
  • It has a feature called ‘Competitions’ which allows you to challenge your friends.
  • It allows Yoga and Hiking into the workout app.
  • It detects start and end automatically.
  • It has ‘Walkie-Talkie’ feature which allows short communications (not automatically like Amazon Echo Show)
  • As expected Apple introduced Pride watch bands.
  • It would introduce Student ID cards soon.
  • Hey Siri’ would no longer be needed.

Apple TVOS:-

  • Apple TVs would now have Dolby ATMOS surround system.
  • 4k TV users have International Space Station to provide Earth related footage.
  • It supports cable service with Charter Spectrum.
  • It provides ‘Zero-Sign-On’ which allows automatic log-in to streaming accounts.
  • AutoFill from iPhone and iPad would automatically allow people to log-in by using Apple TV remote control.  


  • Apple introduced ‘Mojave’ with dark mode (representing Mojave desert)
  • It has new dynamic desktop and desktop stack features.
  • It contains new connectivity methods.
  • It provides no cookies to improve security feature.

Apple Store:-

  • Apple promises Microsoft 365 and Adobe Lightroom CC soon.

No iOS + MacOS:-

  • Craig Federighi, rejected this major speculation.
  • But it would get just the framework of iOS.
  • The keynote ended with the announcement of multi-year project to bring iOS apps to MacOS in 2019.

For further updates let’s wait for the rest of the pending days in Apple’s WWDC 2018.


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