Debunking Some Common Food Myths

Today the web is bombared with information about various subjects including food. However, the more the information, higher the chances of misinformation. The internet including YouTube is flooded with myths about food and diets. So here we are to debunk some of the common food myths, knowing which is important for every individual.

Myth 1- Skipping breakfast can help you lose weight

Some people skip their breakfast on their way to lose weight in order to take less calories but in real, they are likely to gain weight because they’ll have a heavy lunch. It is, therefore better to have a high-fibre breakfast that helps stay full for long.

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Myth 2- Fats are bad for your health

All fats aren’t bad for your health. In fact, some fats protect you against heart diseases. These are healthy fats including monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which can be found in nuts and give immense benefits to your body.

Myth 3- Fewer the carb consumption, healthier the body

Definitely carbs make you gain weight if taken in higher quantity but it is a major nutrient that is required by body and without intaking carbs, you will feel restless.

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