In Defense of Tik Tok, the Joyful, Slightly Cringe-Inducing Spiritual Successor to Vine

One of the latest secrets to wash YouTube’s coasts comes from Tik Tok, a larger version of, which gives users a number of editing options to quickly make videos that look like vines.

In one corner of YouTube, TikTok’s biggest fans upload challenge charts and weekly updates, each of which plays like a more elaborate supercut – something you can watch on repeating without being bored.

Type “Tik Tok Collection” in the YouTube search bar and generate thousands and thousands of results. Videos are anywhere from 500,000 to over a million views.

tik tok

Obsession of Application:

Another, most likely louder nook – one that has come to come with some of YouTube’s largest commentators, react channels, and memesters – has turn out to be obsessive about the app’s extra cringe-inducing clips.

These compilations, which generally consist of awkward teenagers or adults whose performances are much less spectacular, are a not-so-subtle try to mock TikTok customers who fall outdoor the application’s core person base of lovable, cool children with spectacular and amazing talents.

These compilations are constructed round older adults or other folks with historically geeky pursuits to mock the concept and what it looks as if from the outdoor. It’s temporarily turn out to be the most effective app that provides me unbridled pleasure anymore.

It’s a novice’s sport:

Tik Tok isn’t about perfection; it’s about belonging to a motion

Everyone on Tik Tok is, for the maximum phase, simply having amusing. Users are riffing on the sport of the second, or growing a brand new one.

It’s an unprecedented social app that isn’t infested with hateful rhetoric; whilst it’s no longer an ideal position, placing out on Tik Tok doesn’t make me unbelievably unhappy or offended.

Users are no longer left pissed off after scrolling via for 5 or ten minutes. Tik Tok makes them snicker in some way that they skilled since Vine.

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Tik Tok Has Something for Every Age Type:

  • There are communities for everybody on Tik Tok, making it really feel universally welcome for everybody. Cosplayers have discovered a house on the app, together with new wave emo children and the anime obsessed.
  • There’s a spot for Sound Cloud rap enthusiasts. And people who need to sing their own praises their newest dance choreography.
  • There’s a position for pets and comedians to take a look at out their newest subject matter.
  • Tik Tok is simply sufficient that you are by no means bored, and entire of smaller niches for other folks taking a look to in finding their communities.

Tik Tok feels inviting in some way that hasn’t existed since Vine. We might by no means get Vine again, however no less than now we have Tik Tok.


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