‘Delivery Unlimited’ Subscription Launched by Walmart

Walmart  is taking aim at Instacart, Target’s Shipt and Amazon Prime Now/Whole Foods with a new grocery delivery subscription service called “Delivery Unlimited.”

Before, Walmart shoppers could order groceries online and pick them up at their local store for free; or they could opt to pay the $9.95 (or sometimes less) per-order delivery fee. Delivery Unlimited is a third option that offers consumers a way to skip the per-order fee; in favor of a monthly or annual subscription.

Currently, the retailer is offering a $12.95 per month plan or a $98 per year subscription; both of which include a 15-day trial period (see below).
Everything else about the service is the same.

walmart unlimited

More about the Delivery Unlimited Subscription –

The company already offered a delivery service for online orders; customers could have items shipped to their nearest store for free; or to their home for a $9.95 delivery fee for each order. TechCrunch notes that this new annual subscription will cost $98 for a year, or $12.95 a month; and allows customers to skip the per-order fee. To use it, customers place their order on Walmart’s site or app; and can select a delivery window for when they want their order delivered.

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This annual service comes as Walmart has introduced a number of other initiatives; to try and entice online shoppers to its stores; including introducing free, one-day shipping for orders over $35, pickup towers a number of its stores, as well as even an in-home delivery service; this will allow employees into your house to place groceries directly into your refrigerator.

Walmart has been stepping up its efforts against other online retailers in recent months; also Amazon’s Prime membership appears to be the target here. Walmart’s annual fee is lower than Amazon’s $119 annual cost; while Target’s new delivery service with Shipt costs $99 a year, as well as Instacart.

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