Demand for healthy drinks on top: corona effect

The Novel Coronavirus outbreak has lead to panic and tensions among people with respect to their health. Prevention by immunity building and stress releasing has become the top notch thing at this time.

People have been seen working greatly towards developing resistance against the virus by taking preventive measures like eating and drinking healthy.

According to the report of ‘Tastewise’ (an Israeili AI-powered food prediction and intelligence startup), the demand for healthy drinks has been skyrocketing now.

“While the last year has seen consumers increasingly turn to food and beverage for functional benefits, Tastewise is seeing staggering growth in the trend during this time of coronavirus, the company said.

The company also revealed that while moving towards winter end, the demand for healthy food usually declines. But this time, it is COVID-19 that has transformed the demand and choices.

According to Tastewise, four items are topping searches and mentions: melon is up 45 percent for sickness treatment, kombucha is up 55 percent for medicinal benefits, pickles are up 18.5 percent as an immunity-boosting ingredient, and chamomile is up 81.5 percent for anti-inflammatory benefits.

The information has been provided to help the food industry serve the interest of people and stay up to date on demands of the customers, also helping them stay protected from the virus.

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

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