Depression in Men

‘Depression’, a term which always gives us a faminine thought or identity. Isn’t it? He are used to associate it with women. Why? Because ‘real men don’t cry’ so, ‘real men don’t get upset’ and ‘real men are stone-hearted’. Yeah?
Well, if you believe it, there’s nothing to blame you for. This is what the society has been assuming and believing and reminding us. Men have always been identified as powerful, bold, strong- physically, mentally as well as emotionally. While, female on the other hand are “assumed” to be incapable, weak and soft hearted.

But the reality is far different from it. Men too face depression! They too have emotions! Yes, they may be emotionally more stable than women, but that doesn’t men they are ‘stone-hearted’ and never upset.

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Following are some common symptoms of depression in men:
1. Eating too much or too less, leading to sudden change in weight.
2. Insomnia or sleeplessness
3. Inability to complete everyday tasks
4. Feeling of emptiness
5. Reccuring death or suicidal thoughts
6. Negative vibes almost at all times.

Above were some symptoms of depression found in men, if you have the above, do not hesitate to accept and work on getting rid of it by visiting a psychiatrist.

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