Depression In Mothers: Causes and Management

Depression is a common form of mental illness which people of all ages and genders suffer. However, the same is more likely to happen in women. Specially women who are in their motherhood are found to undergo depression. The affect of depression in mothers isn’t the same as in other people because mothers are connected to their children in many ways.

Firstly, let us understand what causes depression in mothers.
The cause of depression can be anything just like in other people , this may include personal griefs, family disruptions or professional reasons.

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However, a mother goes through a lot more than just these. The initial phase of her life after is quite typical in terms of adjustment. The all new environment, people and responsibilities together makes it hard for her to move ahead. And the responsibility of a child in itself is a stressful job. These factors are likely to cause stress and depression in mothers. However, mothers rarely talk about it. They instead engulf it and it all remains within them. But, as a result of depression, mothers become more anxious and thus violent or outrageous.
It in turns lead to depression and sadness in children.

How can mothers deal with depression?
1- Communicate with family about it, before things worsen. Understand that being open can make you feel better and help overcome depression.

2- Give hint to hour child. Even if your child is just 3-4 years old, tell him/her that you are tired or not ready to go out with him if you aren’t. But ensure you do not utter the word ‘depression’ until and unless your child is at least 10 years. Your tot should feel like you are going to be okay in sometime.

3- Give time to yourself. You may have been so occupied with your responsibility that you hardly give time to your likes, choices and to relax yourself.

4- Manage stress by exercising, meditating and walking at least for 20 minutes everyday if not more.

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