Difference between Curd and Yogurt

Curd and yogurt are considered the same by some, while others are always confused with the difference. If you are one of those, you need to read further to differentiate.

1. Curd is made using the curdling process in which you have to add a little bit of curd into warm milk and let it ferment for 8-12 hours before use.

Yogurt is made by adding two specific kinds of bacterias which are Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus bacteria.

2. Curd can be easily made at home by leftover curd.

Yogurt is an industrial product, it is not possible to make it at home.

3. Curd is usually served plain or with sugar and salt added.

Yogurt is generally considered in flavour such as blueberry, raspberry etc.

4. A medium bowl of curd contains 3-4 g protein and other vitamins, but it may differ as it is made differently varying home to home.

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A bowl of yogurt has around 8-11g protein and is more healthier and standardized.

5. Curd is popularly known to improve digestion.

Yogurt is popularly known to aid weight-loss.

6. Curd can be used to improve skin texture and hair quality, and to prevent dandruff.

Yogurt can only be consumed and not applied on skin or hair.

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