Difference between Twitch and YouTube


It is a popular online service for watching and streaming digital video broadcasts. It was founded in 2011. Twitch originally focused almost entirely on video games but has since expanded to include streams dedicated to:

  • Artwork creation
  • Music
  • Talk shows
  • Occasional TV series

The streaming service boasts over 2 million unique streamers every month. More than 17 thousand of these users earn money through the Partner program. It’s a service that provides streamers with added features such as paid subscriptions and ad placements. Amazon purchased Twitch in 2014. It remains one of the highest sources of internet traffic in North America.



YouTube- a website designed for sharing video. Millions of users around the world have created accounts on the site that allow them to upload videos. Every minute of every day, more than 35 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube. Video files can be very large and are often too big to send to someone else by email. However, by posting a video on YouTube, you can share a video simply by sending the other person a link.

YouTube was created in 2005. It was intended for people to post and share original video content. But since then it’s also become both an archive for:

  • Storing favourite clips
  • Songs and jokes
  • Marketing site for companies to promote their products


YouTube and Twitch are direct competitors. They offer their creators and streamers very similar tools to create videos. That’s apparently becoming a bit of an issue. Several creators have tweeted recently about YouTube terminating their accounts following uploads of videos teasing an upcoming Twitch stream.

Another issue with Twitch’s browsing system is the lack of thumbnails. Twitch chooses thumbnails randomly, and there’s nothing to set you apart from other channels. This results in everything seeming oddly homogenous.

On YouTube, things are better. YouTube’s algorithm can work in your favor by suggesting your stream to other people.

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How do You earn money on both platforms?


  • Subscribers: Each subscriber brings in $5 per month. It takes 50%, so the streamer gets $2.50 per subscriber. This is only the standard contract though and may vary for larger streamers. Large streamers on the platform can have thousands, even tens of thousands of subscribers.
  • Donations: Up to the donator for how much they pay, but generally around $1-$10 for most donations. 100% of donation money goes to the streamer. Big streamers can make over $1,000 per day from donations.
  • Bits: Bits are it’s built-in donation system. They are generally less used and pay in smaller amounts. They take a 29% cut.
  • Ads: These work the same as YouTube, appearing at the beginning of the stream. These don’t end up paying as much but still represent a good chunk.


  • Super Chat:This is essentially YouTube’s built-in donation system. YouTube takes 30%, compared to Twitch’s 0% for most donations.
  • Members:Members are to YouTube what subscribers are to Twitch. YouTube again takes 30%, which is less than Twitch. The members system is not used anywhere close to as much as Twitch subscriptions are.
  • Ads: For some people, these are worse on YouTube than they are on Twitch. Ads are also nonexistent for channels YouTube has deemed “demonetized.”

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