Different Types of Girlfriends

When you start dating, you experience different personality sides of you and your partner, one you may never have known about all along. Though every human personality is different, there are certain qualities which are common too. Let’s take a look at the different types of Girlfriends.

  • The Texter

She is someone who can talk hours with you while chatting. She may not be that active while calling but she gives every update to her bae by text. Also, she is a queen of emojis and no one can beat her in this game.


  • The Lawyer

This necessarily doesn’t mean that she practices law or something. But you need to be extra careful of what you do or else you’ll definitely just mess up. She is someone who loves to play a detective or a spy and her eyes are always following you.

  • The Drama Queen

They are highly influenced by the characters of the drama movie. You should be ready to bear a lot of their tantrums. They can be referred to as attention seekers. Cries in front of you, wants always to defend her and want always to take care of her and lot-of-dramatic moves.

  • The Superwoman

She wants to do each and every single thing by herself. She is always there to make sure that everything is okay. She can essay the role of chef, secretary, housemaid, doctor, principal etc.

  • The I-don’t-care-how-I-look

This type of girlfriend is a badass who believes in inner beauty more than she does in looks. It’s not like she doesn’t like to dress up.She does and she will, but only when it’s a special occasion. But most of the time, she isn’t bothered about how she is looking.

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  • The Makeup lover

You can never trust her with timings as most of the time she will be busy decorating herself. Shopping is her favourite hobby and almost every time you are also compelled to go with her.

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