Different Types of Phone Users

Smartphones are an integral part of our lives. It is hard to imagine our lives without them. There is always something you need to do in your mobile phone. Every person has a different purpose to use a mobile phone. Read more to find out in which category of phone users you fall.

  • The Typing Machine

Mostly, teenagers fall in this category. Whether they are walking on a street or sitting at their homes, they are always texting someone with weird expressions on their faces.

  • The Selfie Lover

You will always find them taking selfies with anything and everything. Well, let me take a selfie with my dog. Ohh my broken windows, oh yeah its vintage and sometimes it’s just the mirror. They are generally known as Selfie King and Selfie Queen among their friend circle.


  • The Loudspeaker

They don’t know how to keep their volume low or whisper in someone’s ear. They keep talking loudly irrespective of the place they are in. Thus, they seek a lot of attention wherever they go and sometimes can cause embarrassment to themselves and others.

  • The Addicted

They are always glued to their phone screens. These people are so obsessed with their cell phones that they don’t leave it even when they are sitting on a pot.

  • The Show Off

They carry smartphones just to flaunt about their features or brand among their friends. You can always find them bragging about the big phone brands like iPhone and Blackberry. There are some who don’t even know half of the features of their phone but still need to show off.

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  • The One with Headphones

More than mobile phones, they love music. Their purpose of carrying smartphones is connecting them with their headphones or earphones to grove to their favourite tunes. They generally live in their own world without caring about others around them.

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