Difficulty managing household chores? Here’s the guide.

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused lockdowns across the world. The idea of social distancing to prevent the transmission of virus has resulted in many domestic helpers or maids to leave work, either due to their will or yours.

It has therefore increased the burden on the ‘woman’ in the home to manage kitchen, laundry, kids, and other house hold work. If you want to make these things less complicated to manage, here are the tips:

1- Divide work
One cannot do all the chores alone, nor should this be done as it is the responsibility of all family members to contribute. Thus, divide your work among the members to overcome the load. For instance, you can manage with preparing breakfast, your kids may clean wardrobe, your husband may handle the cleanliness. It will not just lower the loan but also help them learn household chores.

2- Decide days for laundry
Instead of gathering clothes everyday and taking them for wash, it’s better to collect them at one place and wash it together on one or two days of the week, as per the need. It helps save a lot of time and also prevent you from boredom. Also, try teaching how to operate the washing machine to your kids, so they can lower your burden.

3- Keep things back to place
Do you face problem finding nailcutter or your kids searching for their books or toys on frequent basis? Well, a simple hack can sort this out. Just keep the thing back to its place after use. For eg, after using the nail-cutter, put it back to the wardrobe instead of leaving it on bed or table. It actually helps you save time managing things.

4- Use less cutlery
Try avoiding unnecessary cutlery such as spoons, plates or bowls. Also, if it’s possible to use one-time usable plates do that. It won’t be required to wash. Also, try washing utensils as soon as you it or else it may make the food stick over it.

5- Make schedule for your kids
Kids are among those suffering the most. The time that they should be spending outside to play is also spent indoors. And this may add to your load , figuring out how to keep them engaged. Plan their activities for the day. Include learning something new everyday, or watching educational videos, solving puzzles etc into their schedule so that they don’t get bored and also do something productive.

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