Disadvantages of Advertising on Facebook

While there are a plethora of advantages of Facebook Advertisements, a massive user base being the biggest one, like any other thing in the world it has some disadvantages too. Thus, before you decide on using Facebook for advertising your business and spending your hard-earned money, read this article to familiarize yourself with the disadvantages of advertising on Facebook.

Disadvantages of Facebook Ads

Difficult to catch People’s Attention

Facebook is like a chilling spot for the users where they talk with their friends, post their pictures and come across a lot of funny stuff. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that many won’t pay any attention to your advertisements if they are dull or boring. So if you are planning to put ads on Facebook, it requires a lot of creativity. Also, while introducing your product to your targeted audience, you need to make sure that it is eye-catching and attractive.

Negative Comments

Facebook is an open platform where every person is free to point out their views. This can act as a major disadvantage for your venture. If someone isn’t satisfied by the service provided by your company, then they can leave negative comments on your page. This can create a negative image of your product in the minds of other people reading that comment. Therefore, you must be ready to handle these negative feedbacks and make sure that this cannot affect your credibility as a service and product provider.

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Facebook Marketing Requires A Lot Of Time And Resources

Maintaining a proper page on Facebook can be a herculean task. You need to be extremely patient as the followers don’t grow overnight. You will constantly need to put efforts to associate more and more people on your page. Further if you reach more likes and followers, you need to do a lot of replying jobs on comments and queries on your page and same with putting up attractive ads.

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