Disadvantages of E-learning 

The unprecedented times of coronavirus have made all of us aware about the term E-learning. Almost all the students across the globe have been learning through online means for the past year. While there are many advantages of E-learning as it saves our time, effort and helps us learn within the comfort of our home, it carries some disadvantages too.

Disadvantages of E-learning

Lack of Practical Training

E-learning is a great tool to get accessible and paperless course material and guides. But one of the biggest challenges it poses is that it lacks practical training. There is no scope for face-to-face interactions with a tutor or a professional. Therefore, this reduces learning through lived experience. For example, vocational courses like public speaking and personality development require hands-on training. This is not something you can master through educational technology or online classes.

Health Issues

One of the major disadvantages of E-learning is students spending a lot of time than recommended using laptops, mobiles or any other gadget that can prove to be harmful for their physical being. Sitting for long periods affects your spine causing posture-related problems. Working or studying from home can affect your time management. In other words, it can get difficult to strike a work-life balance. Also, an increased screen time can play a majorly role in slowly damaging your eyes.

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Falls Short on Expectations

Another disadvantage of e-learning is that sometimes it is prone to fall short on the predicted expectations. Everyone is not tech-savvy and it can be daunting for some to go online. Even if an e-learning website or software is user-friendly, people can still be doubtful. Other problems like slow internet connection, browser issues, and device compatibility issues also worse the situation.

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