Disney Teams Up With Spotify to Launch Disney Hub

Dedicated hubs has been launched two times before by Spotify. The latest Dedicated hub is called Disney Hub.

So basically, Disney is teaming up with Spotify to launch an official hub that will collect all of the studio’s original music in one place. This launch has been made today via Spotify’s Newsroom.

Hence, with the release of the much-awaited The Lion King movie, this hub could very well be taken with a lot love by many Disney music lovers.

The Disney Hub –

The Disney Hub is separated into a number of playlists: Hits, Favorites, Classics, Singalongs, Princess, Marvel Music, and Star Wars. Spotify users can expect some overlap between the playlists, but Disney is making tracks available from its films (both live-action and animated), theme park attractions, Disney Channel originals, and classic tunes from decades ago available on the app. More than two billion minutes of Disney songs have been streamed on Spotify this year alone, according to the company.

Celebrity actors as well as stunning animation aside, the music behind Disney films often add to their staying power (to date, Disney has won 13 Oscars for Best Original Song). Given the sheer amount of Disney-backed content we’ll see in the coming years, it makes sense that the company wants to highlight its musical achievements.

Also this isn’t the first time that Spotify has launched a dedicated hub. The company launched Amplify, a hub for emerging artists that focused on equality, LGTBQ issues, and social topics in March 2018. Earlier this year, Spotify also launched a Throwback hub, which included highlights from the popular #ThrowbackThursday hashtag. To find the hub, head over to Spotify’s browse section and click on the “TV & Movies” page. The Disney Hub should be located within.

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The Public Ranking System –

A ranking system will also be public for subscribers, so they can see what the most popular songs are among fans. The current ranking is:

  1. “Let It Go” – Frozen
  2. “How Far I’ll Go” – Moana
  3. “You’re Welcome” – Moana
  4. “Life is a Highway” – Cars
  5. “You’ll Be In My Heart” – Tarzan
  6. “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” – Frozen
  7. “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” – Mulan
  8. “A Whole New World” – Aladdin
  9. “Try Everything” – Zootopia
  10. “Love Is an Open Door” – Frozen

Is Disney Hub Available to all?

Spotify’s Disney Hub is currently available for subscribers in the U.S., U.K., Ireland, South Africa, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The Hub will be updated with more songs from Disney films as they’re released.

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