Distant love and dating during covid-19

Covid-19 has forced us to stay in, additionally, the new social distancing norms have fundamentally changed the idea of romantic relationship or dating.

The long-distance couples aren’t able to meet each other due to lockdown. While, even the singles who used to date at local restaurants or bars aren’t able to, which has changed local dates to virtual ones!

The craving for having a romantic relationship has heightened among people these days, leading to rise in use of dating apps.
The app Hinge, reported a 30% increase in messages among users in march. While, Tinder reported to have over 3 billion swipes of March 29, highest rise in a single day.

It is also seen that people have now shifted to dating as well as non-dating apps such as games to spend more time with their partners.

While, some users reported their idea of looking at love, due to this virtual dating. A user stated, an app called ‘Quarantine bae’ has changed his perspective of love. The app lets people dats for thirty minutes via zoom calls, with the video option turned off. It emphasizes on love without looking and pre-defining.
He also reported that other apps with swipes keep us away from many people whom we could talk to.

Through this, he made three date calls to his partner and later found out he is black, it surprised him but he still likes him.
Apps like Tinder are quite superficial, not enabling to let people be, who they are!

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