Do these 6 things to stay fit

Your body and mind play an important role in everyday activities. Thus, it becomes important to keep them healthy. Changing lifestyles and working patterns are adversely affecting human health. So, you must follow these 6 things to keep yourself fit:

1- Healthy diet

Diet plays an important role in keeping one healthy. Whatever we eat is directly related to our physical health. Thus, it becomes important to ensure that we eat healthy. A healthy diet is one which has balanced quantities of nutrients necessary for a healthy development. These include calcium, iron, vitamins, carbohydrates and many more. We must ensure that our diet has adequate amount of these, and avoid trans-fat which is mostly found in junk food.

2- Workout

It’s important to engage in some physical activity to keep your body moving. You can choose either do exercises or brisk walk, or any other sports that you enjoy playing. Workout helps increase metabolism and thus eliminate excess fat from the body.

3- Quit smoking and drinking
You may temporarily feel better after smoking. But in the long run, smoking may lead to severe health effects including lung cancer. Although drinking in moderation may not have any adverse effects, but you must keep it minimal.

4- Be positive

Staying fit isn’t just about keeping your physical body fit, it is also about keeping your mind healthy. For a healthy mind, it’s important to keep yourself distant from stress of all kinds. Taking things positively and enjoying whatever you do can really bring a positive difference.

5- Frequent meals

Taking small meals frequently helps digest food effectively, and therefore prevent obesity. You shouldn’t consume too much food at once and must not skip your meals in order to lose weight.

6- Take adequate rest

Most people do not consider rest as an important factor to stay fit. However, lack of rest can adversely affect your daily routine as you may not feel energetic if you don’t take atleast 7-8 hours of sleep a day, and short intervals in between. You must find out ways to relax your mind, when in stress. It may vary from individual to individual, depending on interest.

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

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