Do You Want To Quit Your Gym Membership?

Well, yes. The question is asked not because of the good healthy lifestyle you would get with gym; but instead it is asked for the sake of your gym membership becoming too expensive.

The Expensive Gym Membership –

The gym industry thrives on selling monthly, automatically-billed memberships to customers that rarely use the facilities. You probably fall into one of two categories if you’re this kind of person. There’s those who keep their wasted payments going because of the delusion that they’ll get around to using them someday, while another group is made up of people who forget entirely that they’re paying for them.

If either of these describes you, you need an exit strategy. But quitting a gym membership isn’t as easy as just not going. You’ve got to deal with slick salesman bent on convincing you to stay, as well as laborious red tape meant to discourage would-be quitters.

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So here are some ways which helps you quit that gym membership.

Tip 1 – Study the fine print

It helps to know what sort of technicalities you will have to deal with before you go about trying to mess with them. Many gyms require a written declaration in writing that you plan to quit.

The sole reason for this—rather than an employee simply agreeing to cancel your membership when you request it—is to throw another roadblock in your face in hopes that it will discourage you from proceeding.

Tip 2 – Skip the small talk

Retention specialists will do whatever it takes to distract you from the task at hand. Whether it’s appealing to your ego, offering you a special deal to hang on, or simply distracting you with small talk, the goal is to get you talking about anything other than canceling.

Unless you really feel like catching up on the goings on of a gym employee you’ve never met, cut through the ploy by staying on message and asking what it will take to get you a refund.

Tip 3 – Cancel your credit card

The nuclear option to stop paying for a membership through a back channel—getting rid of the credit card that is being automatically charged.

Before you get that route, you can ask your credit card company to stop your charge. Many times, especially faced with a cancellation if they don’t comply, they will go for the idea.

But canceling a credit card can hurt your credit score, which is why this option is a last-case scenario.

Tip 4 – Try services like Trim

Want to cancel your gym subscription but can’t bring yourself to make the phone call? Trim will do it for you!

They’re a free service that cancels all unwanted, forgotten subscriptions for you (with your permission).  You simply link your bank and credit card info to their service (they only load the transactions related to subscriptions), and they send you a text message with all your subscriptions and you can cancel them by replying with “Cancel [insert subscriptions here].”

They’ll even send your gym a certified letter telling them you aren’t coming anymore; so no more awkward phone calls for you!



  1. I really need the money for I can get caught up on my bills I really do thank you and God bless you

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