Does Drinking water helps kill Covid-19?

Corona virus started a few months ago, but since then it has already sprawned a number of myths, fake news and fables stating ways to prevent and cure corona virus.

These include avoiding ice-cream, consuming cocaine, and even drinking bleach. And now, even drinking water.

Here we are bursting that myth:
Drinking water doesn’t kill corona virus!!

The logic given behind it was that drinking water will help wash down the virus from the oesophagus, into the stomach and the acids present in the stomach will kill the virus.

When the same was asked to epidemiologists at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, they stated that an infection begins when we are exposed to thousands or millions of virus particles, and swallowing down or eliminating some cannot kill the infection.

Also, covid-19 doesn’t just enter through the mouth, but also through nose or eyes. If we touch our eyes or nose with infected hands, we may catch the virus. By eliminating it just from the throat won’t help.

Also, there have been rumours about preventing the virus through gargles.
There hasn’t been any such study conducted on the virus in the present. However, it is seen that people who gargle thrice a day with salt water are less likely to get the virus than those who don’t. It is due to the fact that salt contains anti-bacterial properties that prevent and manage inflammatory infections.

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